Objective APER Released by the French Association for Prevention of Accidents

News from France now, and The French Association for the Prevention of Accidents (MAIF), a partner of the Ministry of Education for road safety in schools, has developed a digital tool called “objective APER”.

This CD is a companion resource for the teaching staff to organize the progressive acquisition of elementary students skills for obtaining the certificate of early education for road safety awareness.


This resource, which received the prestigious RIP Mark of 2014 (recognized for its educational value) can be used in different ways depending on the choice of teachers: in its entirety as a tool for training and validation of the various stages of the REA, Cycle 1 Cycle 3, or as for use in the scenario where school students examine the issue of sharing the space of the street and road for both cars and pedestrians.

The numerous free images offer excellent support, and can be used educationally as part of class teachings where children and pupils can use the knowledge in their every day life.

The MAIF Prevention Association is committed to free “objective APER” available to all kindergartens and elementary schools. Copies will be sent to education authorities and departmental services of national education before the end of January 2014.

For more information: the website of the association Prevention Maif

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