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Accidents in the Workplace: When Can You Make an Accident Injury Claim?

This is another safety post kindly provided by one of our sponsors, The Accident Claims Web. They are one of the leading UK websites for personal injury claims. You can see other content they have supplied regarding child safety whilst cycling on the road here. The content on this blog post was written by a third party, and we did not curate this ourselve. It is a promotional piece supplied to us by a company who we are happy to say paid a small donation to have their accident injury claims content posted on the Cyber Safe Book website. You can also contribute should you wish by contacting Russ. Thank you.

ctcharityIt is perhaps natural that people are most commonly injured in places they are most likely to frequent such as in public or when driving. However, sadly, despite a number of attempts to reduce the number of accidents in the workplace, thousands of people suffer are injuries in their place of employment.

Our website helps people who need to make an accident injury claim in the UK and has a wealth of information for people who are not sure whether or not they could be owed personal injury compensation. We advise that you go check it out if you or a family member has been hurt. If you were involved in a cycling accident then we can also recommend this charity.

Please note that personal injury claims with children are treated differently according to UK law. Where in most accident injury claims adults will have three years within which to take legal action, this does not apply to those who are aged under 18. Anyway, on with our content.

Your employer has a duty of care to you and other members of staff to make sure that you are in a safe place of employment, you are not at risk from hazards and have suitable training for your role. Sadly, despite this duty of care, many employers fail to ensure staff are safe in their place of work, with this failure in their duty of care often being the cause of workplace accidents.

If you have been injured due to being incorrectly or improperly trained or if you were injured as a result of negligence, our team of solicitors can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Workplace Accidents

No workplace is entirely safe with even office jobs resulting in accidents and accident injury claims through hazards in the office or improper storage. However, areas such as the construction industry, manufacturing industry and even recycling and other areas are the most likely to result in serious injury. Likely injuries will typically occur to the upper body, and we have particular expertise in winning significant shoulder injury compensation payouts for our clients.

The construction industry is one of the most common due to workers operating heavy machinery, exposure to dangerous chemicals, a number of vehicles on construction sites and working in outdoor and often extreme conditions. Workers in the manufacturing industry can often be injured by not having training on a machine, poor safety equipment and due to dangers in surroundings. Regardless of where you are injured, however, there is often one common denominator, and that is negligence.

What do I need to make a Personal Injury Claim?

If you have been injured through no fault of your own in the workplace as a failure in duty of care or as a result of negligence, you will be able to make a personal injury claim. In order to make a personal injury claim, it is vital that you were not responsible for your own accident or injury, but that the injury occurred as a result of a negligence or a failure in the duty of care.

If you are injured through no fault of your own and wish to make a personal injury claim, we recommend you do so by enlisting the help of the Accidents Claim Web. Their dedicated team of solicitors will work with you to obtain justice and the damages you deserve.

To make a personal injury claim, it is vital that you provide as much evidence as possible to your solicitors in order to allow them to build the strongest possible case for compensation. We strongly advise that if you are injured you seek medical attention. Not only will this give you peace of mind knowing that your injuries are being tended to and improve the chances of a quick rehabilitation time, but, a medical report can also be granted that will allow you to verify the extent of your injuries. Such a report can show a judge or those involved in the case the true extent of your injury as well as demonstrating the estimated recovery time for your injuries.

As well as a medical report, solicitors will require details such as where, when and how the incident took place and who was responsible for your injuries. Further evidence to support your claim should also be provided such as witness statements of those who saw the incident, a copy or note of the incident in the Accident Report book and even photographic evidence to further verify your claim. While the Accident Claim Web solicitors will inform you of exactly what you need before making a claim, the more evidence you can provide them, the stronger case you have for obtaining compensation.

Why Use the Accident Claims Web?

accident-injury-claim-logoAt the Accident Claims Web, their dedicated team will be on hand to offer you support and guidance when you initially contact their team. Their solicitors are part of a national operation and have the funds and experience to treat your case with the seriousness it deserves.

The Accident Claimline Limited is regulated by the Ministry of Justice and Financial Conduct Authority and must adhere to strict standards. They will make an initial assessment of your claim and let you know the likelihood of success at no cost. By operating through them, you will then be issued with your very own solicitor who will work with you to build the case and get you the compensation you deserve.

If you have suffered an injury in the workplace that was not your fault, the Accident Claims Web can help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact the Accident Claims Web today using their online contact form on their website or phoning or writing to:

Liberty House,
222 Regent Street
Greater London
United Kingdom

Telephone: 020 3131 2268


Accident Claims Compensation Rulings for Children

The Propopsal For Accident Claims Compensation for Children

The compensation offer made by the insurer of the responsible for the accident must cover all the consequences of bodily injury to the victim. And especially :

  • All care costs incurred (net of benefits paid by social security agencies)
  • All income and earnings that the victim would have received if he had not crashed (net of benefits paid by the employer and / or social organizations)

All losses:

Permanent functional impairment (DFP): violations of physiological functions, permanent pain, loss of quality of life and the unrest in the conditions of existence of the victim. It is estimated, after consolidation, by a disability rating (bodily and mental integrity) graded on a scale from 1 to 100. The compensation is represented by the amount paid as such, or the value the point of DFP equal to the amount of compensation divided by the disability rating;

  • suffering physical, mental pain and related disorders suffered by the victim of the day of the accident to the consolidation. They are graded on a scale of 1/7 (very slight pain and suffering) to 7/7 (suffering endured very important);
  • disfigurement Permanent: all the physical misfortunes, major scars or deformities caused by the accident and persistent after consolidation. They are graded on a scale of 1/7 (very slight disfigurement) to 7/7 (very important disfigurement);
  • loss of amenity: inability to practice a sport or leisure activity that was regularly practiced before the accident. It appreciates in concrete and takes into account all parameters of the victim: age, sex, regular practice of previous sports activity.

Are added in case of death of the victim reimbursement of funeral expenses and compensation of moral and material harm suffered by the family.

The File of compensation awarded to victims of road accidents can inform the public of the compensation awarded to victims of road accidents in the context of decisions taken either by settlement agreement or by the courts.

The compensation procedure

In principle, the accident victim receives from the insurer of the responsible an information pack and a medical questionnaire, he must complete and return to u within six weeks with the supporting documents (Case work, medical certificate, etc.). He then summoned for examination by a doctor appointed by the insurer. The findings of the medical report submitted to it within 20 days following the date of the examination.

But the victim may also directly file a claim to the insurer, naturally accompanied by all supporting documents. The insurer may then:

  • either make an offer of compensation within three months of receipt of the request, which may optionally be revised if the condition of the victim is not stabilized,
  • either postpone the offer of compensation if:
  • responsibility for the accident is not yet clear
  • or if the health condition of the victim has not yet stabilized.

In case of late claim for compensation on the part of the victim or his dependents if the insurer concerned or request additional time for the above reasons, it is still required to make an offer of compensation within eight months after the date of the accident.

If the victim accepts the offer of the insurer, he must pay the compensation prescribed within 45 days of acceptance of the offer. The payment can take the form of capital or a life annuity

The victim has a fifteen-day withdrawal period after acceptance of the offer.

In case of disagreement, the dispute will be settled by the courts will have to determine the amount of compensation.


Keeping Your Children Safe From Accidents in the Home

Your home is the place where kids and children are at most risk of having an accident or being involved in an accident. Children will grow and learn in the home, play and enjoy spending time with family.

It’s a sad fact though that accidents will happen and there will be minor scrapes and bruises along the way, especially as kids grow and discover new things. And that’s OK. The problem is the more serious injuries can actually be avoidable.

In this video, you’ll learn about all the things you can do to help ensure that your kids get the freedom that comes from being active, healthy and safe at home. Take a look at some home safety tips for children.